Why has my pattern been printed too big or too small?

It is very important to choose not to scale the pattern. If you cannot find this option, you can also choose to scale the pattern to 100%.

As a test, it is best to first print the second page of the pattern and, if it works, the other pages later. 

Why does the pattern not fit the paper properly?

Do you want to print 4 patterns per page? If you chose A4 size instead of LETTER size in the printers settings, the pattern will not fit on your A4 paper.

If you choose the paper format LETTER, the printer's margins will become wider and the pattern will fit on a A4.

The pattern is printed on A4, but in the printers settings the paper size must be selected on: LETTER. Is this not possible? Then choose to print the pattern per 2 patterns on 1 page.

Be careful! This is only for the old Pixelhobby Designer with printing 4 patterns per page.

What are the costs of a home-made Pixelhobby pattern?

You can take into account that 1 base plate filled with pixels is approximately

€10.00. The more baseplates, the lower the average costs are per filled base plate.

Why doesn’t my picture become a nice Pixelhobby pattern?

Did you us a picture with poor quality? Are you using enough baseplates? You can choose to increase the number of base plates or choose a different photo to resolve this problem. 

It may also be that the colors in the photo are not optimal. In that case you can also opt for a black and white pattern. You can do this in the Pixelhobby designer under the heading "adjust color". Drag the block in the saturation bar all the way to the left and you will see that the preview will consist of only shades of black and white.

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