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Welcome to Pixelhobby

Pixelhobby has 2 variants of Pixels: Pixel Classic and Pixel XL. Both Pixel Classic (2.5mm) and Pixel XL (5mm) are sustainably produced from bio-plastics. The pixel squares are 95% renewable and 100% recyclable.

Are you curious what you can create with Pixelhobby?

The Pixelhobby assortment consists of individual products, patterns and complete sets. The best part about Pixelhobby is that you can pixel your own photos!


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1693 AZ Wervershoof

Welcome to the world of Pixels

Did you know that Pixelhobby is a real Dutch product? The Pixelhobby products are produced in Wervershoof, North Holland.

The Pixel squares are produced sustainably and all products are free from toxic components.

No glue or iron is required!

I'm green


The pixel squares from Pixelhobby are sustainably produced from bio-plastics.


The raw materials for these bioplastics come from bio-ethanol that has been converted from sugar cane.

Both Pixel (2.5mm) and Pixel XL (5mm) are sustainably produced from these bio-plastics. and are 100% recyclable.

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