Download christmas patterns

Pixelhobby has 2 variants of Pixels: Pixel and Pixel XL. Both Pixel (2.5mm) and Pixel XL (5mm) are sustainably produced from bio-plastics. The pixelsquares are 95% renewable en

100% recyclable.

Are you curious what you can create with these pixels?

The Pixelhobby assortment consists of individual products, patterns and complete sets. The best part about Pixelhobby is that you can pixel your own photos!

Christmas balls

Ironing your projects is not required, but its not completely out of the question! Use the transparent baseplate. You can also cut the round shapes out of the flexible baseplate.

Are you younger than 12 years old? Be sure to asked your parents for permission and guidance

Christmas ball patterns

Download christmas patterns

  • Download the pattern (for free) by clicking on the image.


  • You will find the material list on the first page of the pattern. Here you see the required materials to complete the project.

  • Print the pattern in actual size  (scale: 100% paper format: LETTER). 


  • Find all our stores for the materials here.

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9 baseplates


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