Quality photo

For a good result of the Pixelhobby pattern, Its very important to use a photo of high quality.


To mutch shadow
(light comes from behind)
lag of contrast.

To small of a photo, pixels are visible,
no details and not sharp enough.


Good lighting, good contrast,
sharp, lots of detail,
good format & size.

the images above
display exaggerated.

Quality photo

First Test a photo in the Pixelhobby Designer.

Dont you get a good result? Than you could ask your self the question if the photo you use has the right size and lighting.

Below here a few tips and tricks for a good photo.

Tip: A schoolphoto or a photo from a photographer is always good!

Every photo can be used in the 'Pixelhobby Designer', but not every photo will be a great Pixelhobby pattern.

What do I look for in a good photo?


  • Choose a photo that is not overexposed of has to mutch shadow.
  • Use a photo with a sharp contrast.
  • choose a photo where th elight comes from the front or above, and not from left, right or behind (This way you will keep shadows to a minimum).


  • Use photos with beautiful, bright, fresh colours
  • No beautiful colours in the photo? What do you think of a black and white pattern from your photo?
    Go to "adjust colours" in the Pixelhobby Designer, and drag the saturation slider all the way to the left.


  • Choose a photo with lots of details
    (zoom in to better judge the photo).
  • Choose a close-up from close range. The further away, the less details.


Right-click on the photo (in the folder), now a menu appears, click here on properties, her eyou can view the file size and the size of the photo it self, go to the details header for the required information.

File size

Make sure the photo is bigger than 1MB.


Choose a photo from what the longest side is not smaller than 800 pixels.