Frequently Asked Questions .

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I cannot download Pixelhobby Designer software on the Mac?

That's right, the program has been specially developed for Microsoft Windows. If you have a Mac you can use the internet browser to browse to:app.pixelhobby.com (This version is only available in English).


Why is my pattern printed too large or too small?

It is very important that you choose not to scale the pattern. If you can not find this option, you can also choose to scale the pattern to 100%.

As a test, you should first print 2pages to see if the pattern is correct, and if it is correct print the other pages.


Why does the pattern not fit completely on my paper?

Did you choose the paper size A4 instead of LETTER in the print settings? Then the pattern does indeed not fit on your A4. If you choose the paper size LETTER then the margins of the printer become wider and the pattern will fit on an A4.

The pattern is thus printed on A4, but in the print settings the paper format must be selected on: LETTER.

Is this not possible? Then choose to print the pattern per 2 baseplates (instead of 4 baseplates) on 1 A4.


What are the costs for a self-made Pixel hobby pattern?

You can take into account that 1 filled base plate with pixels is about €10,00 4 filled baseplates approximately €40,00 8 filled baseplates approximately €80,00 etc.


Why does my photo not become a nice Pixel hobby pattern?

Has a bad quality photo been used? ? Are there too few base plates used? Increase the number of base plates or use another photo.

It may also be that the colors from the photo are not optimal, then the best option is to use the photo as a black and white pattern. Click on the question mark for more detailed information.


Place an order via the Pixelhobby designer ...

If you place the order from the Pixelhobby designer, we from pixelhobby, get it as an order. We process this order within 2 working days. We will then send you a quote to the specified e-mail address. As soon as the payment of the quotation is received, we send the package to the specified address.

You can also send the 'phd file' of your pattern to: info@pixelhobby.com.


How do I order a Pixelhobby frame?

You order a Pixel hobby frame on the basis of your bill of materials. This is on the first sheet of the pattern. For example Frame: 2 x 3 P. Pass this on to the store where you want to order the frame.

We are not responsible for ordering a wrong list, so always check the corresponding bill of materials.